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Gastronomic Experience in St. Moritz with Chef Francesco Maganuco

February 28th, 2023

Every journey is a discovery that enriches us and presents new experiences, when they exceed our expectations, they are even more beautiful. Sitting at a table in the Grissini restaurant of the Crystal Hotel in St Moritz is a revelation of flavors, combinations and colors, a joy for the eyes and the palate. The Chef Francesco Maganuco prepared a special menu just for me, to give me the opportunity to know his cuisine. Opening the menu, created for the occasion, has already been a surprise because I read very special, creative and innovative courses. He immediately started with an special oyster marinated in kiwi and apple on a hand made of midnight blue ice lightly smoked with lemon, a real sculpture. After they served a fake cuttlefish egg with soft yolk on a nest of black Perigord Piedmontese truffle, delicate and intriguing. Then a raw red shrimp from Mazzara with a symphony of burrata and Beluga caviar, a delight for the palate and prepared so well that it looks like a painting; to my friend who does not eat raw fish a Fassona tartare with quail egg was served. After there was a tagliolino 32 egg yolks with morel sauce and quail eggs, satisfying. As the main course there was an Australian Wagyu fillet, so soft that I almost did not need a knife, foie gras escalope, demi glace with madeira, shiny effect, and gold leaf, sublime. To conclude a Bavarian Bronte D.O.P. pistachio, raspberry caviar and almond milk ice cream. A superb dinner for quality, mastery and mise en place that is worth a trip to St Moritz. Impeccable service, the staff was so kind, very professional and attentive.”Since Eve ate apples, much depends on dinner.” LORD BYRON. The restaurant has its own menu that changes daily, but the spectacular thing is that if you sit at the table and you want something off the menu the chef will realize all your wishes and if that ingredient is not in the pantry, a helicopter will leave specifically to go and pick it up from the supplier and let you have what you want.

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