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About me


From Sicily to
St. Moritz

My journey into the world of catering began at the tender age of 15, as I balanced my studies with immersive culinary experiences in Sicily. Subsequently, I expanded my horizons, working in the eternal city of Rome, the enchanting and romantic Lake Como, the glamorous Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, the vibrant culinary scene of Miami, Florida, and presently, the renowned culinary destination of Sankt Moritz in Switzerland—where my role extends beyond that of a Chef, as I actively engage in events organized by my gastronomic association, The Chaine des Rottisseurs.

My Journey & Expertise

Over the course of my 22-year career, I've had the privilege of acquiring a diverse and international culinary education. My repertoire now spans the spectrum from contemporary culinary innovations to time-honored traditions. My insatiable love for travel, gastronomy, and the art of photography has led me to some of the world's most remarkable destinations, allowing me to forge meaningful connections with esteemed chefs.

My journey has taken me through diverse culinary landscapes, allowing me to master a wide range of flavors and techniques. With this wealth of experience, I proudly offer my professional services: from captivating Show Cooking performances to comprehensive Consultation for new restaurant ventures, educational Cooking classes, and the exclusive touch of a Private Chef, my passion and expertise infuse every aspect of my work.


Join me on my culinary journey.





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