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Recipe of the Week | Club sandwich


3 slices of toasted bread

8 slices of roasted chicken

8 slices of crispy bacon

2 lettuce leaves

8 slices of tomato

8 slices of hard-boiled egg


Salt and pepper to taste


Prepare the ingredients: Begin by toasting the bread slices. Meanwhile, roast the chicken slices in a pan until heated through and golden. Cook the bacon until crispy.

Assemble the sandwich: Take a slice of toasted bread and spread some mayonnaise on it, then add a lettuce leaf. Next, layer on 4 slices of tomato, 4 slices of egg, 4 pieces of chicken, and 4 pieces of bacon.

Add the remaining layers and repeat the process. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Final layer: Place the third slice of bread on top with a bit of mayonnaise.

Slice and serve: Cut the club sandwich diagonally into two triangles. Serve immediately and enjoy!

You can customize this club sandwich by adding other ingredients like cheese, avocado, or onion, according to your taste.

Bon appétit!

Enjoy your culinary creation!


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