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Recipe of the Week | Saffron Linguine with Smoked Grouper, Confit Tomatoes, Lime Gel and Fennel


Linguine:100 g


Confit Tomatoes: 10 g

Grouper: 70 g fillet

Fish Gelatin Sheets: 8 g


1. In a pot, bring a small amount of water flavored with saffron to a boil.

Cook the linguine following the instructions on the package.

2 Smoke the grouper fillet using a smoker with cedar and lemon stones.

3. For the lime gel, squeeze the juice from two limes. Soften the fish

gelatin sheets in water, then gently heat the lime juice in a pot, turn off the

heat, and add the squeezed fish gelatin. Mix well and let it solidify in the


4. Sear the grouper fillet in a pan for a few minutes, then finish cooking in

the oven for about 3 minutes.

5. For the confit tomatoes, halve the tomatoes and season with powdered

sugar, a pinch of salt, fresh thyme sprigs, and orange zest. Cook at 100

degrees for an hour.

6. Plate the linguine tossed with saffron-infused water, add the confit

tomatoes, and thinly slice the grouper fillet on top. Complete with lime gel

and fresh fennel as a finishing touch.

This recipe offers a perfect balance between the intense flavors of

smoked grouper and the freshness of confit tomatoes, all enriched by the

aroma of saffron and lime. Enjoy your meal!


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